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  5. "Bailíonn na cailíní an bia."

"Bailíonn na cailíní an bia."

Translation:The girls collect the food.

September 1, 2014



Why aren't the girls protesting against gender norms?


They used to get Paul to collect the food, but then he started breaking the plates


So... Paul left his fridge?!?! No one told me so I'm a bit slow on the update.


Paul was never in a fridge. The fridge was a metaphor for paul's crippling depression.


This is by far the best comment thread I've come across.


Because the boys are right alongside them, just not mentioned. ;)


Or there just aren't any boys around to make do it. Girls' Club, No Boys Allowed!


it's going to take some time to remember 'bailionn' means collect. It's similar to the word for dance in Spanish


You could think of "baling;" to "bale" hay is to gather or collect the hay into a bundle, or "bale." A caveat, though: in Gaeilge, "to bale" is a different verb, viz., "burláil," as in "tá sé ag burláil féir" (and "burla" is a noun for "bail," as in "burla tuí"). So, maybe that suggestion is a bad mnemonic after all.

Here's another one: "baleen" whales gather or collect their food using the "baleen" in their mouths. The baleen is a sort of comb filter, a sort of biological sieve: the whale gathers water into the mouth, then pushes the water back out, trapping (gathering, collecting) krill and other food in the baleen.


I typed, 'I collect the girls and food'... Whoops!


I make mistakes like that all the time!


Can this verb be used to translate this sentence, "The girls pick up the food at the restaurant." Or would it be used in the context of collecting food to give to the poor, or collecting up the remains from dinner to throw in the trash?


Should "The girls go collect the trophy" be accepted.


That should say food not trophy. Weird autocorrect mistake.

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