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Eclipsis and Lenition

I read the things below and did the lessons and put more things into a fridge than I could possibly imagine, but I'm still a bit shaky on them. Does anyone have any tips?

September 1, 2014



I was gonna suggest memrise but I don't see anything focusing on them =/ I guess you could just make your own course for that. I'm trying to work on a course there that reflects what we learn on duolingo (including this especially) but it won't we be done for a while. Maybe none of it's necessary & you'll even catch on just going down the tree.

September 1, 2014


What is your username on Memrise? If it's ok to ask that.

September 4, 2014


Honestly, just look here. Wikipedia does a great job at explaining when to use them.

September 1, 2014


There's a good explanation of all the cases where you use lenition here: http://www.nualeargais.ie/gnag/lenition.htm

Eclipsis: http://www.nualeargais.ie/gnag/eklipse.htm

Lenition and eclipsis are difficult, so don't expect to pick up all the rules at once. I did Irish in school for 13 years and I still don't know all the rules about them!

September 2, 2014
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