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  5. "En ugle spiser en mus."

"En ugle spiser en mus."

Translation:An owl is eating a mouse.

September 1, 2014



first it's a cat and now THIS?!?!?! poor mus


I thought a wolf is eating a moose ;-; also unrelated to this sentence ftmp what is the word for moose and what is the word for elk?


In England, where we do not have elks or moose, most people use the same word for both. The Danish for "moose" is "elg", which sounds like "elk", not "moose". As there are no moose or elks in Denmark, I would be surprised if, despite what the dictionaries say, Danes call any large artiodactyl with antlers "en elg"


Everytime i have to write "is eating" instead of "eats" but this time it failed me for it, nice.


Both "is eating" and "eats" are accepted. Maybe something else was wrong with your sentence?


How could do this to Mickey, Duo? lol

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