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Bug running duolingo app on Android 4.2.2. Help!

Guys, 10 lingots for whoever solves this: I've been trying to use duolingo on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, running Android 4.2.2, and, after I click on the sending button for submitting an answer to a question on an exercise, it works fine at the multiple choice, pick-the-words and "repeat on the microphone" ones, but when it involves translating by typing the answer, it never finishes sending, therefore I never step out of the first or second question of a given activity. It remains stuck at the "Avaliando..." screen forever - I use it in portuguese (my native language). Any solutions for this bug? It would be very important; I need to learn German for my research on Wittgenstein. Thanks!

September 1, 2014


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