"Lui sorride sempre."

Translation:He always smiles.

May 27, 2013

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seems he's had a change of heart since hurting himself with a knife


Duolingo has some serious mood changes


I think he smoked something...


"He smiles all the time" should be added


That's how I translated this sentence and got it wrong, I didn't think - I know we're supposed to be very litteral. But now I wonder how we can say that in Italian...


I think in learning a new language there needs to be a balance between translating what it says and translating what it means. There are often many different ways to say the same thing, but they have different nuances. It is good to know them all so you can say exactly what you mean and how you want, but we are learning bit by bit. Eventually I'm sure we'll learn how to say 'he smiles all the time' but right now it is 'he always smiles'. Happy guy.

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Why is "He smiles all the time" wrong? I know that "sempre" means "always", but this sentence sounds odd in English when translated as "always".


Really? "He always smiles" sounds odd?


Well, it sounds a bit odd on its own to me too, so I went for "He's always smiling", which was accepted.

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Yes, by itself it does. It's fine when it's part of a longer sentence, such as 'He always smiles at me' or 'He always smiles when we meet'.


As a native English speaker, I can tell you that "he always smiles" is not an odd sentence in any way. There are many, many contexts in which this would make perfect sense on its own.


Odd or not, "all the time" is a good translation of "sempre" in this sentence.


I agree. "He is always smiling", however, is probably used more often.


Io vado in Italia tra tre giorni e ho imparato l'Italiano per... Tutta la mia vita, forse. Non sono benissimo quando scrivo in Italiano, mi dispiace :P


He's a Cheshire cat!


"He's always smiling" is much more likely to stand alone in English as a positive comment about someone than "He always smiles". The latter use tends to be context-specific, with emphasis placed on the 'always', such as in reply to someone saying "And I even saw him smiling today". But Duo is a strange beast...perhaps he has a dodgy predilection for male synchronised swimmers!


Put in the right answer but program says its wrong


I was right and marked wrong!


He should go to the mental institution then


I tried 'He smiles permanently' but it was justifiably rejected, as is sounds really creepy, like his smile was plastered on. But remember, 'Show must go on! My make-up may be flaking but my smile still stays on.' Or perhaps he is Batman's Joker?


What's the difference between "ride" and "sorride"?

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