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  5. "Go anywhere you want to."

"Go anywhere you want to."

Traducere:Du-te oriunde vrei.

September 1, 2014

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Whoa! I am an english native speaker, and I just listened to this phrase, and it sounds really odd, like some weird english dialect. I hop you guys don't rely too much on the pronounication of the TTS machine, because if you said this to someone, with the way she cuts off words like "to", people would understand, but might look at you weird.


Good thing I never rely on what the text-to-voice thing says. But those who don't yet know the right way to pronounce the words are not so lucky..


That's smart. If you ever need help, you can post on my stream whatever you need. What is your native language? For someone learning English, your's is pretty good!


I am a romanian. I find the English courses from Duolingo fairly easy at the moment. I want to take the Cambridge Advanced Exam next year, in June and Duolingo is mostly helping me develop my speaking skills (isn't that ironic). By the way, "yours" has no apostrophe :D Apart from that, your english is also very good. Edit: Now I realise you said you were a native speaker, of course your english is very good


Du-te unde vrei tu.


Mergi oriunde tu vrei


de ce se pune to la sfarsit??


Pentru ca in cazul de fata "want to" ar cere inca un "go" dupa, care este omis, deoarece ai deja "go" la inceput si se subintelege. Deci in loc de "Go anywhere you want to go" avem "Go anywhere you want to"


Unde este eroarea?


Am crezut ca e dute unde vrei tu


Du-te unde vrei=mergi unde vrei tu!


Multumesc Vlad 13 Radu, am înțeles


Da ce ce se pune în capăt: to ?

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