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  5. "Børn leger i gaden."

"Børn leger i gaden."

Translation:Children play in the street.

September 1, 2014



The correct Danish term would be: Børn leger PÅ gaden


Thanks, I already wondered why it was not på.


Sadly, one was run over by a drunk bear.

[deactivated user]

    Children play at the street? (isn't that a correct translation?)


    The translation is poor as an English speaker would always put the article THE in front of children --- even though the dansk does not require it and the phrase only uses BØRN not BØRNENE. We are often marked wrong when using a literal translation and not the correct and best English. American English and I believe those from England would always say "The children.


    But in the beginning stage of learning a language it is important to translate literally. And if the Danish sentence says "børn" the correct English part will be "children" no matter what sounds better in English (except it is grammatically wrong, but this is not the case here).

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