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"Hele familien arbejder bondegården."

Translation:The whole family works on the farm.

September 1, 2014



So, why is this not den hele familie? Is "hele" some special kind of adjective?


I agree, I'm sort of confused.


If you trespass on a farm in the UK, the farmer would tell you to 'get off my farm', or 'get off my land', not 'get out..'. If you remember to think of it as a piece of land, you cannot go wrong, therefore you get on it, get off it , drive around it etc. You would of course go in and out of a farmhouse or any building on a farm.


I think that for non native english speakers, to not give as valid the sentence with IN the farm is not a good idea, since the course is Danish, and not English


I must admit I would have said 'the whole family work on the farm' rather than 'works'


(the whole family) is a collective - and therefore singular, so the correct translation is work not works

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