"Care sunt pantofii tăi?"

Traducere:Which are your shoes?

September 1, 2014

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Dc aici trebuie sa aleg "what"? Cand ne referim la obiecte folosim what si cand ne referim la persoane which?


What =care, ce - pentru obiecte Which = care, pe care - pentru obiecte Who=care, cine - pentru persoane


"Which ones are your shoes?" De ce "ones" ?


That does not sould like english, does it? The proper question is "Which shoes are yours?"

It does not help that those that make the translations don't know english that well and they use a translator to facilitate their "work" (it is the only reason that we see so many mistakes - I still don't want to believe that someone is this bad). I am so close in either uninstall this app, or volunteer to delete all these bad translations and replace them with the corect one(s - yes, there are cases when more than one translation goes). Whenever you have doubts on what you see here, please find a second (even a 3rd or 4th) sourse of information.

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