"Un chilometro è breve."

Translation:A kilometer is short.

May 27, 2013

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Oh really? If it's so short, running about five or so everyday wouldn't be too hard, would it?


I read breve is for time, so how can it be un chilometro è breve and not un chilometro è corto?


Is there another English word for "breve"? Isn't basso = short?


Its closer English cousin is "brief", but that doesn't work to describe kilometers; "basso" is short in height, "breve" or "corto" are short in length or time. Although Pépin le Bref (Pepin the Short) is commonly translated as "Pipino il Breve", much to the children's amusement.


Why isn't it "Un chilometro è corto."? Or are both possible and have a slightly different meaning?


Isn't corto short or is breve another word for short?


Sounds like somethong a drill sargeant would say


We had not been introduced to breve . The only word We have been given is basso. Whats the difference in breve and basso


Wait I thought "Breve" was just for time, And "Corto" or "Basso" would be used for if something is physically short?


I keep saying the right thing but I keep getting the "wrong answer" message. There could be something wrong on this page, my other voice recordings go through with no problem.


I keep repeating the phrase and i keep getting the message that it doesn't sound right and lets try again. That has happened about 10 times!!!! How can I go on to the next part???

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