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SpongeBob in Spanish

[deactivated user]

    I was searching YouTube for cartoons I could use to help learn Spanish and came across episodes of Bob Esponja:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0hgu_3LQag This episode is "Hongos entre nosotros" (fungus among us)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34DVjR5Wqqk "El cohete de arenita" (Sandy's Rocket)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyR7-CaRvh8 "Soy un idiota" (Literal translation I'm an idiot, English episode name is I'm With Stupid)

    September 1, 2014



    Watch cartoons is a good way of learning another language, they often have an accessible language :) If someone is trying to learn spanish should listen to these podcasts on the radiolingua website and it is called "Coffee break spanish", there is 3 season and it is awesome :D http://radiolingua.com/2008/10/lesson-01-coffee-break-spanish/


    I went to radiolinga I like it.... so I'm giving you a lingot


    That's great! I watch my favorite cartoon, Monster High, in Italian. I can't watch Spanish cartoons because the characters speak faster than I do, which is saying something. This isn't the case with Italian cartoons though. There is a YouTube channel called MonsterHighItalia which has all the episodes in Italian, if you're interested. I'm also learning Spanish so if anyone knows of a Spanish cartoon where the characters don't speak a million miles an hour, let me know


    They don't work anymore. Does anybody knnow where to find any Spongebob episodes in Spanish? :)


    dos lingots para ti!


    thanks for the links. I will definitely check them out


    I'm watching Mickey Mouse Club House or Peppa Pig in Spanish, though I think that of Mickey Mouse tends to speak faster for me.


    where do you find Mickey? and Peppa pig


    try Youtube. Search for "peppa pig españa" or "la casa de mickey mouse"


    so after finishing the app the spanish will be good enough to watch series? -


    I've been a fan of SpongeBob, long before it hit mainstream UK TV :) I don't suppose anyone could supply me with an Italian version??? Please . lol :)


    Yeah I was in Mexico recently and that was on TV in the hotel


    I love this; thanx. One quick question: why is it "entre nosotros" vs. "entre nos"?

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