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Kvindens or kvindes?

In tips and notes I saw that -woman´s- means kvindens, but when I go practice DL tells me that I have a typo and that is kvindens and I have to write kvindes.So now I am confused ...

September 1, 2014



The easiest way to think of it is that in English possessive is done by adding -'s in most case, with few exceptions. In Danish you do possessive by adding -s. So in English you'd say: the woman's hand, since you want to talk about the hand of the woman. Now let us have a look at how to translate this: Let us first translate the woman into kvinden, now, let's add the possessive (-'s in English), and we get kvindens. This gives the sentence Kvindens hånd. If you then removed the the from the woman it is just woman, and woman translates into kvinde in Danish. When adding the possessive you get woman's and in Danish kvindes. You have to remember that the definite article is a suffix in Danish and not added in front of the word like in most language currently on Duolingo.


Oh I don't believe I forget that! Thank you! Tak ;-)

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