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Danish then Swedish?

Duolingo says that Danish (Along with Norwegian) is similar to Swedish. I do plan on working on Swedish when it comes out. Would it be recommended to start on Danish then move to Swedish once it comes out? Or would the transition be too confusing?

September 1, 2014



Do you only want to do Swedish? If Swedish comes out, is it both languages you want to learn or just Swedish?

If you are waiting for Swedish, I would recommend doing the Danish tree until the Swedish course comes out. Vocabulary will be very similar and you can get a feel of the language too. Although Swedish has some complex tones to it, Danish speech is much harder to understand.

If you leave Danish and move to Swedish, the transition won't be too confusing. Maybe doing the 2 languages together might get you a little confused, but you can give it a shot if you're willing to work hard :)


The languages are very similar. If you perfect danish, then you'll be able to read and understand the most of swedish, and the Swedes will be able understand you. And it works the other way around as well. However, I can't say whether or not the similarities will be confusing when learning the two languages simultaneously, sorry.

I hope that was helpful. :)


I've made it a life goal to speak all three languages fluently. So far, I can understand 99% of Norwegian radio and about 80% of Swedish and Danish radio. Norwegian is definitely the easiest springboard for knowing all three languages, but I'd say Swedish has the most clout of the three.

The more you know of one, the more you'll know about all three, to a point. It would definitely be helpful to start with Danish, as it's already here.


Definitely try out Danish so you get a taste of the North Germanic languages. Afterwards, try out Swedish, but from the beginning. They're still different languages after all. Good luck!


Thank you for all the feed-back. And yes, I really only want to learn Swedish, but I figured to try this out. I guess I'll do this for a few weeks and see how it's going.


For me the motivation to learn a Scandinavian language is that I want to read The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. I started reading a German translation which was lying around somewhere, and decided that this book is a good motivation to learn Swedish. As Danish is available right now, I have started learning it under the assumption that it will allow me to read a Swedish book as well.

Given my recent success with Dutch I am pretty confident that this will work. Very little effort brought me (a native German speaker) to the point where I could read an entire book in Flemish, without a dictionary, and understand everything completely except for perhaps a dozen sentences.

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