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Faster input for article drop down?

I have a lot of difficulty with the timed practice, especially for sentences with many accents. It often takes me more than 15 seconds to answer a single question, so one or two mistakes and I'm done for.

But one of the things that takes the most time for me is the simplest: selecting from a drop down menu. Even using keyboard shortcuts (shift-tab, down, down, tab), it takes me much longer than typing the text outright or selecting numerically (like for the multiple choice questions).

Could you implement something where typing the answer (e.g., "el") enters it without needing to select the text box? Alternately, just use the numbering mechanism already employed in the multiple choice questions.

May 28, 2013



In the questions that have you select the article out of a dropbox, you can type the article and then space in the answer box, and it moves it to the dropbox. ie. If I need to translate "the success", I type "el" space ("el" moves to the dropbox) "éxito" enter.



Oh, then it does exactly what I asked for already. For some reason I thought I had tried that. Thanks!

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