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  5. "They are always walking."

"They are always walking."

Translation:Zij zijn altijd aan het lopen.

September 1, 2014



I don't understand this sentence... If "aan het" is used to indicate an activity which is currently happening, how does it make sense for it to be combined with "altijd"? It seems like saying "they are always walking right now" which doesn't really make sense. Would a Dutch native ever use such a sentence (as oppposed to "Zij lopen altijd") and if so, what would be the intended meaning?


I think it has the same point in all language: https://thegrammarexchange.infopop.cc/topic/be-alw ays-verb-ing


Could we write this like "Zij lopen altijd" or similar?


Yes that's also fine.


I know this is a late reply, but just to be clear for others. Zij lopen altijd can be translated as They always walk. or They are always walking. but by including "aan het" it makes it clear they are walking right now. Zij zijn altijd aan het lopen They are always walking. and NOT They always walk.

It's a subtle difference in this specific case, but it's the focus of the lesson


why wandelen is not okay? In Belgium (where i learn the language originally) we use wandelen for walking and lopen for running. And i dont see a mistake in saying wandelen. Is it a problem or is there a difference in Holland about that?


Wandelen was missing for some of the possible translations, fixed now.

In the Netherlands we use lopen for walking, wandelen for taking a stroll/taking a walk and hardlopen (sport) rennen (other situations) for running.


I wrote Altijd zijn zij aan het lopen. Can altijd not come first in the sentence


I'd say it's grammatically correct, but rather odd. I checked with a native speaker, who said you'd rarely say it like that, if you say it like that you're emphasising altijd and it'd mean that you feel annoyed by their constant running.


Btw, lopen= 'running' in Belgium, otherwise rephrase the last part of what I wrote replacing 'running' with 'walking'.

Sorry, I'm mostly exposed to Flemish...


Why doesn't it accept zij zijn altijd lopen


Hi Brody,

well, it's just not correct in Dutch, I'm afraid.

You have to say zij zijn altijd aan het lopen, or in any case, zij lopen altijd.

Hope this helps.


Could "lopend" work here?


Why is "nog steeds" not accepted?


Because nog steeds means 'still', and not 'always'.


When is it "zij zijn" and when do you use "het zijn" for plurals?

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