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  5. "Spiser vi bøffen?"

"Spiser vi bøffen?"

Translation:Are we eating the steak?

September 1, 2014



is "the beef" a wrong translation of boffen? If so can boffen mean the steak other than beef steaks? eg tuna steak


I read in a comment on another thread that it is indeed wrong, since "beef" is "oksekød" in Danish. I'm not sure what qualifies as "steak" or "bøf” in Denmark, though.


can this sentence be translated as "shall we eat the steak?" or would that be another form?


Nej, that would be "skal vi spiser bøffen?"


When young we often had what my Danish mother called "hakkebøffer". These were basically lean minced beef made into balls, perhaps with onions and cooked.

They were not the same as "frikadeller" which were similarly of minced beef but had more ingredients to fill out and bind the mince together, such as egg, milk, flour and a mix of spices and then fried (delicious!). I always thought "bøf" meant beef, which for these dishes was minced.

A steak (in the UK) is normally taken to mean a fried or grilled cut or slice of meat, usually of beef but could refer to other types of meat or fish, for example a venison steak.


I question the different ways of saying "vi". The sentence clearly says "vi" (no s following), but when the words are picked individually, it is saying "vis" with an s. How come?

Edit: I have since realised that the s in the word vi is a software glitsch and can be heard in several other sentences. Makes it rather confusing for learners...

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