"Vi læser en avis."

Translation:We are reading a newspaper.

September 1, 2014

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It's borrowed from the French 'avis', by the way, which means 'opinion' or 'piece of advice', which is akin to the English 'vision' (as in "In my view...").


what is the difference between en and et??


There are two grammatical genders in Danish: common and neuter. All nouns are mostly arbitrarily divided into these two classes. The singular indefinite article (a/an in English) is en for common nouns and et for neuter nouns. They are often informally called n-words and t-words.

En dreng. A boy.

Et fængsel. A jail.

All from wikipedia, if you want to look into it more:



How would I know if it is "am/are/is reading" or "read"?


I initially answered this with "Vi læser et avis" because I figured a newspaper would be a neuter gender but I guess not?


was wondering about this myself. After all the apple is neuter.


The grammatical gender of a word, i.e. whether it is neuter or common, has nothing to do with the actual gender of the object described by that word.

This can be a bit difficult for English speakers as English has no grammatical gender, but it exists in many other languages.

For example, in French "sun" is male and "moon" is female whereas in German it's the other way round. Of course speakers of these languages are aware that both objects are neuter in reality, it is only the words that have female/male gender.


No matter how many times i say this one, duolingo always says it is wrong. I never have trouble with the speaking exercises in danish or any other language but this one is killing me because i dont know what i am doing wrong!


I have to say this one very slowly for Duolingo to say I'm correct. Vi. Læser. En. Avis. The words turn blue as I'm speaking when i say it slowly. I think i pronounce it alright, but Duolingo just doesn't like it when i say it faster (maybe it's the background noise?)


Do i really need the period?


Sounds like "Ví läs ein ärvís".


Great English... or englesk


Det er altså rigtigt, men i siger det er forkert


Hvis du mener Duolingo giver dig en fejl for noget forkert, så skal du anmelde det via "report" knappen.

Eller du kan skrive den sætning du mener er rigtig og så kan vi måske se hvorfor du får en fejl for den.

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