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  5. "Pigen er endnu ikke en dame."

"Pigen er endnu ikke en dame."

Translation:The girl is not yet a lady.

September 1, 2014



One could say that this girl is at a crossroads


Hey :)

Why is it "endnu ikke" and not "ikke endnu"? Does "Pigen er ikke endnu en dame" make sense?

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I think both are possible, it just depends if you want to emphasize "endnu" or "ikke". The girl is not YET a lady (she will be one soon) /Pigen er ENDU ikke en dame. The girl is NOT yet a lady (she's definitely not close to being a lady) / Pigen er IKKE endu en dame.

Need a Dane to confirm my understanding :)


"ikke endnu" is not valid danish outside as a standalone sentence. "When do we arrive? (hvornår ankommer vi?)" "Not yet (ikke endnu)"

is 'correct' (everybody is going to understand you but i might not want to use it in a essay my teacher is going to see) but cannot be used inside a larger sentence.

There might be exceptions (dear god, danish is nothing but exceptions) but i cannot come up with one right now


Endnu can be regarded as a modifier of ikke, and modifiers are placed before the word they modify: - endnu ikke = not yet - slet ikke = totally not

There is a parallel with adjectives, which are placed before and not after nouns in Germanic languages.


Hm, I thought 'dame' was an English word, but it didn't work :/


Alt hun behøver er tid, Et øjeblik der er hendes, Mens hun er i mellem.


A girl is Arya but not a proper lady like Sansa.


Why doesn't: "not even a woman" work?


"Not even xxx" means xxx is low but this don't even reach that Here we are talking in a growing up sense. "The girl is not YET a lady", but she will be someday

Woman and Lady don't mean the same, they don't translate the same. The best translation for woman is "kvinde" Woman = Kvinde = Member of the female part of our species Lady = Dame = Some kind of status

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