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"Min familie har ikke mobiltelefoner."

Translation:My family does not have cell phones.

September 1, 2014



I think mobile phones should also be considered, seeing as 'cellphone' is very much an American phrase


Searching on "cellphones" in Google returns hits for "cell phones" for an IP address in the States. Are you sure the gapless form isn't British?


The British term is "mobile." "Cell" is American.


I am an American and I say mobile phone. Always have.


You'd be an outlier then, not that there's anything wrong with that. Both terms should be accepted here, IMO.


I think cellphone can be written with a space without being considered a typo.


How is "My family does not have mobile phones" incorrect? This is the problem I have with your program. What I wrote is has a better meaning than cell phone. It says in the danish word "mobil fone" = "mobile phone".


There's nothing wrong with that answer and it has been accepted for over a year at least, according to the incubator page for this sentence. However, if it does say it is wrong then remember to use the "Report a Problem" button (I think it's represented by a flag on mobile devices) and we'll be able to see the answer that was marked incorrect and if it is correct then we can add it to the system.


good sentence to know when DR knocks on your door


Is there a short form for mobiltelefoner? Like cell for cellphones


In casual (British) English I would use the word phone instead of mobile phone or cell phone.

In common usage mobile phones are the default type of phone and landlines are the exception. I feel like phone should be accepted alongside mobile phone or cellphone.


They still live in the 80s, aint they

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