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"Will the cat be alive tomorrow?"

Translation:Lever katten i morgen?

September 1, 2014



There is some uncertainty. Ask Schrodinger, or Niels Bohr.


Future tense, but I haven't done that yet, I'm only up to Verbs Present 2. Is this a mistake?


Danish uses the present tense for things that will happen in the near future, such as tomorrow.


Why is "Er katten i live i morgen?" wrong? There were other questions where "lever" and "er ... i live" where synonymous, if I'm not mistaken.


Can anyone explain to me the word order in plain english. Not talk about adjects and pronouns etc just plain English


There is nothing special about the word order here. „Lives the cat tomorrow?“ = „Does the cat live tomorrow?“


How about 'vil kitten være i morgen'?


Maybe if you put "I live" after være, though I'm not an expert and using the present for the future with words such as 'tomorrow' which makes it obvious it's future due to context is actually common. We sometimes even do that in Spanish, such as "mañana hablamos" we'll talk tomorrow when context makes it clear, but in Danish that is extremely common. A chapter will go over that btw.

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