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Editing comments in Immersion

Hopefully I am not rehashing a previous thread. In Immersion, it would be useful if the original translator could add comments for his/her translations. This would be helpful because it allows one to give a rational for stylistic choices and hopefully avoid unnecessary edits that detract from the quality of the translation. As of now, only editors can add comments when correcting a previous translation (as far as I can tell).

May 28, 2013



I agree! Though maybe this can be circumvented by immediately editing your own original and adding comments that way?

I mean, are stylistic choices bad? To me, the exactly literal translation of every word is way less important than maintaining the clarity of the message.

It would also allow us to impart little wisdoms that we may have. Some of us could gain real insight from others who are more familiar with slang and colloquialisms. Like: 'such and such' may translate to 'blank and blank' but in the context of regional dialect is actually a colloquialism for 'blah-blah-blah'!


Good point.


yeah, immersion could be a great teaching tool especially if the articles (I'm doing Italian right now) keep on becoming more varied.

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