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  5. "Do dogs eat cats?"

"Do dogs eat cats?"

Translation:Spiser hunde katte?

September 1, 2014



This language is beautifully easy. o_o


I agree! The pronunciation is a bit tough, but so far, compared to German and Welsh, this is like a child's party.


Is it just me hearing 'Thunde', is the recording broken here, or there really is a 't' there in pronouciation?


I came here to ask this question. I hear a phantom T at the beginning of hunde, as well as a phantom S at the end of vi elsewhere.


I don't think dogs eat cats. The cats do defend themselves.


Unfortunately, some dogs eat cats. Ask my Amber. I know she looks innocent in the picture.


I dont find it easy because i used to live in syria so its so new for me


That's because your mother tongue is far from danish! No worries.


I don't think so. Though they have a bad habit of chasing each other.


Some cats want to be chased when they are friends with the dog. Some dogs will only chase cats, but there are some dogs that will kill cats. That was the ONLY reason that my Amber's previous owners gave her away. They needed cats to get the mice so they couldn't have her killing cats.

I saw a white cat going by one day and Amber was barking at it and getting very excited. I said to her, "It is white just like you and you don't like it." She didn't care.

Sometimes cats fight if they are a different color.

Sometimes tomcats kill each other too when they fight, so they can't always blame dogs.

Some dogs also can't tell the difference between a cat and a rabbit.


They'd have to be really hungry, but they can. :/


I don't think i want to know...


To me it reads 'eating dog cat'. im getting the questions right when it asks because i remeber what it means, but it would be nice to understand the gramma/ sentence structure so it would come naturally when speaking.

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