"Ik ben aan het lopen."

Translation:I am walking.

September 1, 2014



K so my girlfriend is from Belgium. Everyone there tells me they say "lopen" is "to run" And that "wandelen" is "to walk". So I'm putting it in the answers incorrectly according to the people in belgium. I visited last year fir 2 months.

February 6, 2015


Lopen means to run in Flemish, indeed.

March 16, 2015


This course teaches Dutch from the Netherlands, where rennen = to run, lopen = to walk and wandelen = to wander

November 9, 2015


so what do they do with the English course, from USA or UK? same apply for Spanish course, do we limited to the Spanish from Spain or from Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico...

November 5, 2016


What is "to wander" in Flemish? Thanks ahead of time.

December 5, 2017


Also wandelen. You use the same word for the walk in the park as you use for intense hiking trips of several days. The hiking even often is called wandelmars.

December 5, 2017


wandelen is to walk and lopen is to run. simple as that.

June 24, 2015


But ik loop can also mean I walk (I'm in Belgium now)

February 28, 2018


Yes, this always makes me feeling weird too )) I live in Flanders for 2 years and never even heard of "rennen" :D

May 4, 2015


Who can ever forget the line from "Midnight Cowboy:"

Hey! Ik ben aan het lopen hier! Ik ben aan het lopen hier!

September 1, 2014


so is Dan Tylor's 'I am walking hereļ¼'

October 20, 2014


The German version is: "Ich bin am Laufen/beim Spazieren".

March 7, 2015


I'm walking...yes, indeed! I'm talking...

May 14, 2015


What is the most common construction of Continuous in the Netherlands?Is the usage of "aan het" the most common?

May 4, 2018


Can I say this instead? Ik ben lopen, is there a difference? since it is shorter

June 3, 2015


No you cannot say ik ben lopen, you either say ik loop or use the "continuous" zijn + aan het + infinitive = ik ben aan het lopen.

The "continuous" in Dutch is only used to emphasise that it is happening at this very moment.

June 3, 2015


Thanks! El2theK I had this question about "aan het" also, I wanted to know it's purpose in the sentence but now I believe I have the answer. correct me if I'm wrong, Is "Ik ben aan het lopen" the same as "I'm walking right now" I'm trying to see if I am understanding you correctly, sorry for the bother. Thanks in advance! : )

February 6, 2016


It just translates to the continuous I'm walking since the continuous already indicates it is happening now.

February 6, 2016


Bedankt : )

February 7, 2016


so what is the different with Ik loop?

November 5, 2016


Pretty long, isn't it?

April 16, 2015


But "ik loop", is shorter and can be used as well..

April 13, 2016


yes, but then it is another tense.

April 15, 2018


I have this urge to say "I am busy walking," because "Ik ben aan het lopen" sounds more continuous to me than the English couterpart. I did not dare to include it in the answer though. Would it be "Almost Correct" ?

May 20, 2015


The notes at the start of the lesson mention this. "I am busy walking" actually has a more direct translation: "Ik ben bezig met lopen," literally "I am busy with walking."

July 3, 2015


I'm confused, because it seems like the translation would be "I am at the walking." Why is this?

May 7, 2018


You're trying to do a literal/word-for-word translation, which is mostly not correct (even if it can sometimes helps us get the gist of something).

November 6, 2018


Is there any difference in meaning between "ik loop" and "ik ben aan het lopen"?

June 23, 2019
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