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"Boys and girls are drinking milk."

Translation:Drenge og piger drikker mælk.

September 1, 2014



Can someone explain why ¨Drenge og piger er drikker mælk¨ you cannot have an er. Is it redundant. Should I just think of it as Boys and girls drink milk.


Danish doesn't differentiate between the continuous and present tenses so "Boys and girls are drinking milk" and "Boys and girls drink milk" BOTH translate to "Drenge og piger drikker mælk". There is a continuous sort of construction in Danish, but I wouldn't necessarily use it here


How are you supposed to tell what tense something is occuring in? Os there other context in the phrases?


I always remember "girls" as, well, it sounds like pee.


yes you are right


piger or pigen? I do not know what exactly use


Piger-girls Pigen-the girl :)


this language so coooool and ilove denmark it is so clean and fabulas this home so cool iwant to going denmark me and my family


You have to go to København! It's a beautiful city!


Don't go to out capital, everyone goes there. Plus it's boring there. Go see Aarhus. So much better. People are nicer.

[deactivated user]

    Aarhus University is pretty cool as well if u wanna learn tech stuff right?


    my intuition told me boys would be "drenger" in plural...(in norwegian it's gutt and gutter), but probable the "r" disappeared from the language? maybe originally it was more like "drenger og pinger"...but R and N disappeared or who knows exactly how the ancient viking words were? in the future it may be "drænke og pigge drigger mællg" Danish in year 2200?


    Which is corrent for girls - pigerne or piger?


    Pigerne-The girls Piger-Girls :)


    I have type correct answer. But it shows wrong here


    It pointed out a typo I made with drikker. I said drikken. Out of all of my typos, this one is marked wrong while the others were marked correct.


    From my experience typos will trigger an "wrong" reply if it happens to make a valid word. In this case "drikken" means "the drink".

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