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"Gli animali si vedono nell'acqua."

Translation:The animals see themselves in the water.

September 1, 2014



I'd say "Gli animali si vedono nell'acqua" means that they see each other, while "vedono se stessi" - they see themselves. Am I wrong? and same question about "the animals are seen"...


It's a bit disappointing that nobody has taken the trouble to answer these thought-provoking questions for three years. Any native speakers around?



Gli animali vedono se stessi nell'acqua. Good studies to all!


Are both correct? I would have tagged this translation as correct, and the other to mean "Animals are seen in the water." Will someone please clarify.


Is it possible to translate this sentence as "animals are seen in water"


This was the translation that Google gave...


Where does the si come from? Why isn't it li?


The “si passivante”, as I said, is used in passive constructions and it is formed as: si + 3rd singular/plural person of a transitive verb (according to the “object” of the starting sentence). Like this, you avoid to write the usual passive form of the verb, ‘essere’ or ‘venire’ + past participle, but only for those two personas: it doesn’t work for the 1st and 2nd singular/plural person.

Qui si vendono i biglietti del bus = Qui sono venduti i biglietti del bus => Here are sold the bus tickets. In estate si mangia il gelato. = In summer you eat ice cream = ice cream is eaten // In estate si mangiano i gelati. => In summer you eat ice creams = ice creams are eaten

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