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"Er will die Immobilien verkaufen."

Übersetzung:He wants to sell the properties.

September 1, 2014

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Warum ist: "He wants to sell the real estate." falsch?


Kann das Wort "estate" plural sein? Ich bin nicht sicher.


As a native English speaker, I generally use real estate to mean either property or properties - it should be usable for either. For example, I might say "Do you own any real estate?" meaning one or more properties.

Also, someone who works in real estate isn't going to sell just a single property and then quit ... that wouldn't make sense!

So I believe "He wants to sell real estate" should be an allowed response; PROVIDED that the intent of the sentence in German is general in nature (not these specific properties, but rather properties in general). Was denken Sie?


"die Immobilien" sounds to me (native german speaker) like Duo means specific properties and not properties in general. For properties in general there shouldn't be a "die" (bestimmter Artikel).


Thank you for helping. That is a good question. dict.cc translates "Immobilien - plural" with "real estate - singular". Helpless.


Eben, real estate wird vorgeschlagen!!!


Ein Tipp

Real Estate bedeutet normalerweise Immobilien Firma.

Property = ein Begriff: Häuser, Wohnungen, Grundstücke und so weiter


Leider nein... Real estate bedeutet Immobile. Es wird allerdings synonym für Immobilien Firmen genutzt.


warum wird real estate vorgegegen, wenn es dann falsch ist?


Es ist wie ein Wörterbuch.


Was ist mit immovables?


Immovable bedeutet dass es sich nicht bewegen kann.


Lt. PONS dictionary gibt's bei" property " kein plural


Bei Cambridge Dictionary gibt es.

PROPERTY plural properties The number of properties coming on to the market in June increased at the fastest rate since May last year.


Wieso geht nicht i want to buy...,?

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