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  5. "De honden stoppen met eten."

"De honden stoppen met eten."

Translation:The dogs stop eating.

September 2, 2014



I don't understand how you get stop eating out of this sentence? I thought it said the dogs stop with food.


"stoppen met" means to stop doing something. Just like in English you could also say "the dogs stop with eating". In Dutch, you can't leave out the with/met, like you can in English.

Grammatically, this sentence could also mean "the dogs stop with food", but that makes much less sense.


I'm pretty sure you can not say "stop with eating" in English: data.

Just go with "stop Verb-ing" = "stoppen met Verb-en" and that's that.


true, although we do sometimes say "stop with the eating" - like we sometimes say "stop with the ____ (activity or trait)"

it's kind of a thing, I don't know if it's used outside of the US though


Sounds like something Zoidberg or another Jewish caricature would say, to me. "Stop it with the pinching and the clawing!"


That actually makes sense because Yiddish is a dialect of German and german probably shares that grammatical structure with Dutch.


ahahahahaahaaha I love Zoidberg!! & yes, that is very much a part of the jewish/yiddish accent, I hadn't thought of that when I wrote my other comment. "Hooray! People are paying attention to me!" hahah futurama por vida!!


yeah didn't think so - I don't think I've ever heard brits, aussies, or south africans say it


Meaning that: "stoppen" ALWAYS goes with "met" in Dutch to mean "stop something" in English???


Stop doing something. In Dutch eten is used here as the infinitive and not the noun.


... that's exactly what I thought, too!


Stop with this nonsense!

We do use 'with' after stop sometimes in English but not that often. :)


Would this make sense then, "De kinderen stoppen met spelen?" The children stop playing? or is the construction with eten particular...


Yes that makes sense.


does this mean that in dutch stoppen can never be used by its own?


This is used when you stop "doing" something in which there is a second verb.


When is it "the dogs stoppped to eat", like on a walk they are tired and they stop to eat?

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I would say: De honden stoppen om te eten.


in English we often say "We are done with it" or "I have finished with it" which is the same as "stopping"

A Waiter might ask "Are you done WITH that?" or "are you finished WITH that?" when they want to clear your table for example.

"stop WITH THAT" is also used when you ask somebody to stop doing something. "Can you stop with that noise" for example.


So, it would be something like "...stop with the eating"?

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