"Por alguma razão eu me sinto mais vivo à noite."

Translation:For some reason I feel more alive at night.

May 28, 2013

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Could that reason be that you are a vampire?


That is because you are an owl!

[deactivated user]

    Some people are larks, and some are NIGHTingales. And owls. And bats. And Duolingo fans learning Portuguese. Como eu.


    I think "livelier" is more correct in English. One can be alive or not, but one can be more or less lively


    Both "in the evening" and "at night" are accepted as translations of "à noite". Does that mean that there is no way to specifically signify evening-but-not-night in Portuguese?


    We rely on the context but there are several words to use with different situations : à tardinha, à noitinha de madrugada, noite, fim de tarde, fim de noite. All of which can mean evening or night.


    Obrigado, é muito esclarecedor! I like the expression "noitinha de madrugada". If you only say madrugada, it's meaning is daybreak, "amanhecer", right?


    Por que não: "For some reason I feel more alive during the night"? Reportado.


    I wrote "For some reason, I feel more lively at night". It was marked wrong.

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