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  5. "Zij is aan het ontwerpen."

"Zij is aan het ontwerpen."

Translation:She is designing.

September 2, 2014



Lol. I put she is at antwerp. XD forgot what design was.


Would the word order if you included what she was designing be: "Zij is aan het een jas ontwerpen" or "Zij is een jas aan het ontwerpen"?


Only your second sentence is correct. (Zij is een jas aan het ontwerpen)

aan het must be placed right before the non-finite verb.


Could the present continuous also apply for a long term, ongoing thing, such as "Zij is aan het een gebouw ontwerpen"? (also, is the word order correct in my example, or would "een gebouw" come before "aan het"?)


Yes, "zij is een gebouw aan het ontwerpen" is right, but think of it in terms of adding "ing" to a word.

What's she doing? "she is designing a building" she is doing it right now.

What does she do? "design buildings" she does it but is not doing it right now.


How do we know this is 'She' and not 'They'?


We know because "she" and "they" always use different forms of the verb. This sentence with "they" would be:

  • Zij zijn aan het ontwerpen - They are designing


I learned that "Zij ontwerpt" could be continuous. Is this just more specific?

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Doesn't "het" mean "the/it"? So the sentence "She is designing it" should also be correct?


Zij is aan het ontwerpen.

It's true that het can also mean the/it however it depends on context. To emphasise in Dutch that something is happening now one uses:

  • zijn + aan het + infinitive

Hence het in this sentence is not an object.

  • She is designing it = Zij is het aan het ontwerpen.


She is at the designing?


No, that is not correct, sorry.

1) I don't think in English you can use a verb+ing after an article

2) That's not the meaning of the Dutch sentence. aan het+infinitive verb = continuous tense. Whuch means you cannot translate aan and het separately.

Hope this helps! :)


How do you know when zij is she or they. This still ckmfuses me and i cant seem to get it


Zij is = She is

Zij zijn = They are

Look at the verb in context that "zij" is doing to figure out meaning.

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