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Ik heb nu mijn uil! (I Now Have My Owl!)

I just want to express my appreciation to our Dutch-speaking friends for such a wonderful, thorough course. You promised us all the charm and nobility of your culture and language and you delivered handsomely. I feel as though I am now practically as familiar with the Wadden Islands as I am my own hometown! LOL I hope this course sets a precedent for more geography, history, and other cultural distinctives included in the other language courses here as well! Dank je voor een studie heel opwindig en gezellig! <3 <3 <3

September 2, 2014



Already?? You are a marvel Knoxienne. I would love to congratulate you in Dutch, but I haven't made it to that course yet. I'm sure someone will enlighten me shortly.

Anyway, huge congratulations to you on yet another language conquered. :D


Gefeliciteerd, Knoxienne! Je bent zo snel! :) I agree, Team Dutch created a beautiful course for us, well-thought out, one step head, and quite entertaining. ;D


Goed gedaan! Leuk - ik ga maar langzaam aan maar jij hebt het zo vlug gedaan! Heel ijverig.


Congratulations! That's amazing! What did you think of the last two skills?


The geography was pretty intense! I thought, how do they remember how to spell all these long place names? But I guess it's no different than all of our different and strange spellings for our different cities and states. I loved the food too. That one was a bit easier.


Mmm, stroopwaffels. Yeah, just look at Albuquerque! What places would you like to see in the Netherlands now?


Congrats! I currently am not working on Dutch, (I did the first 4 lessons) but might start it for sure soon. Congratulations on yet another owl obtained :)


My native language is Dutch, so if you want to improve your skills and if you're looking for a Skype-friend or something, just send me a message... ;-)


Yes, I can always use improvement and thank you very much for offering to help out!


Gefeliciteerd! Goed bezig!

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