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  5. "Ag an am seo."

"Ag an am seo."

Translation:At this time.

September 2, 2014



So it's ok if you don't put a 't-' before 'am' here?

September 2, 2014


Yes. In fact, it would be wrong to put a t- there, because of the preposition ag. (The same would apply for many other prepositions.)

September 7, 2014


Is that because in "Cen t-am e?" there's an "n" with the tongue in an apical-alveolar position whereas in "ag" it's "back"/in the velar location?

Just trying to make sense of the phonology behind why what happens when. Still struggling to make sense of the stuff in https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ga/Eclipsis

April 26, 2016


The causes for the initial mutations in Irish (including the prothetic T) can be found here.

April 26, 2016


because it's in the dative case? what follows ag is usually straight forward, ag+an eclipses where appropriate

January 26, 2019


And ag an + vowel is the okay sequence?

January 26, 2019


Go mbeimid beo ag an am seo aris!

June 26, 2015


Google says that means "May we be alive at this time again !"

Not quite sure what that entails/implies, but okey doke...

April 26, 2016


Basically happy new year, sweet thing to say at any celebration tho

May 9, 2017


I keep hearing "Egg and ham". Must be breakfast time.

February 8, 2019


I kept hearing "ag an aimsir". At least it's Irish....

September 4, 2019


Would you use this as an imperative (eg. "Do it at this time" meaning "Do it now!"), as a general description (eg. "We don't have any at this time" meaning "We don't have any now, but if you come back later, we might"), or in either circumstance?

July 22, 2017


Since it’s an adverbial phrase, it wouldn’t be used as an imperative. (I’d imagine that if someone intended to express the adverb “now”, anois would be used.)

September 12, 2018


If "Ag an nóiméad seo" means "this minute", according to this duolingo exercise, couldn't I say that "Ag an am seo" means "this time"? If not, why?

May 6, 2019

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No. In English, "this time" and "at this time" don't mean the same thing. "this time" means "this occurrence" ("I'll hit the target this time") whereas "at this time" refers to a point in time. You don't use ag an am seo to say "I'll hit the target this time".

"this minute" and "at this minute" both refer to a point in time, so they can be compared to ag an am seo.

May 6, 2019
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