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Words missing when creating a sentence

I'm so frustrated by Duolingo today - I keep getting questions that require me to create a sentence and the words I need aren't even there. :( Here are two examples:

Imgur Imgur

This is super frustrating because I'm trying to learn and sometimes make "i don't know" mistakes and these seem directly related to a bug in Duolingo vs me not knowing. Is anyone else experiencing this?

September 2, 2014



I think it is not really a bug in the two examples you showed. Or rather, the bug is in a different place. Here is what I think: I guess you are being tested for alternative translations of the phrase that you have not yet learned. The correct solution for the first example might be 'Sie nimmt das an' and the second one 'Dies trifft nicht zu'. You might just not yet have used the words nehmen and treffen in this context.

This has happened to me in English-Spanish and Japanese-English and frustrated me as well. But after seing these German examples (I am a native German speaker) I think that duolingo was correct and all the words needed were there all the time.

The only bug that is there is that the correct solution shown is not the solution that can be constructed from the words given, so we can never learn the alternative translations duolingo is asking for. This should be fixed, of course!


Thank you for the reference! I reported it via the "support" button too, but couldn't add my screenshots there (and never hear back from those anyway) so wondering if us posting our not-completable sentences would be useful for duolingo to investigate the issue?


Yes, it has happened to me a couple of times in Spanish. Very frustrating!!


Sorry to hear it's happening in Spanish too - but glad it's not just me! I hope Duolingo is able to fix the problem quickly.


I am also facing similar issue: Imgur


Yes, happening to me also. it says "translate this sentance: Wer geht mit ihr?" it says that the correct answer is "who is going with her?" but "going" is not showing...nor any other word that would fit there...would attach a screenshot but new to site and havent worked out how :/

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