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more advanced lessons in need of a serious overhaul

I understand it must be quite difficult to think of all the possible solutions in advance when creating exercises but sometimes things just don't make any sense, for example getting a whole sentence wrong because you translated "qualcuno" as "someone" instead of "somebody" or vice versa, getting it wrong for you omitting "that" whereas sometimes you get it wrong because you decided to write it because of past experience. It's very frustrating :( I have noticed that many of my translation suggestions have been accepted and I really appreciate the work that you all are doing but I guess I just had to vent out my frustrations! Also in the subjunctive tenses section, the translations for the past tenses in English follow no rhyme no reason that I could comprehend and it's plain guesswork to decide which english tense is going to be ok this time, you cannot rely on previous right or wrongs as the rules (or lack thereof?) change all the time :/ However I don't want to appear ungrateful, I love duolingo which enables me to brush up on my Italian which had gotten a bit rusty. I do plan to do the same for Spanish as soon as i manage to get past the current hurdle of the subjunctive morass!

May 28, 2013



You may be happy to know that we're tweaking the subjunctive skills right now :) Thanks for pushing through it and providing feedback!


I am really happy to read this even if in the meantime I did manage to vanquish tha subjunctive tenses. My suffering will not have been in vain! ;) Some lessons are worse than others actually. I think it was lesson 3 that had me pulling my hair out and getting it wrong so many times that I actually decide to copy all the sentences and their translation in English in order to have all the possible solutions at hand! This prompted me to write the suggestion that we should have the option to view or print our finished exercises. Keep up the good work, you are awesome!

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