"Go men!"

Translation:Via uomini!

May 28, 2013



vadano uomini is wrong. Why?


vadano third-person plural present subjunctive of andare

GO !! is something like Andare/Andate I believe.


It's odd. The present answer is via uomini which I don't recognoise at all though vai is 2nd person singular imperative of andare. vadono is 3rd person plural imperative so I still don't see why you can't use it.

When the wretched Captain Schettino was instructed to go back aboard his ship the command was vada a bordo cazzo!. But if there had been half a dozen officers sitting in the lifeboat what would the corresponding instruction have been?


On my multiple choice the answer was "Forza uomini" . It's more of a slogan (in soccer etc) than a literal translation I think.


via is away. I think they were going for something like "Away/Off with you MEN!" (Totally making this up)


this was a dirty trick I think. I guessed at forza uomini as the english sport chant. Not much to do with GO

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