"Det er en løve."

Translation:That is a lion.

September 2, 2014

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All you need is looooove


Stop! In the name of lions, Before you break my heart.


All you need is løøøøøøøøøøve


baby dont hurt mig


such a deep question :'(


Is it correct that "This is a lion" is not accepted? How would I say that then?

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    I asked a dane about it and she said that "this is a lion" is also correct. 'Det' can means both things.

    However, duolingo is probably suggesting 'that is a lion' as the correct form because you wouldn't be able to say 'this is a lion' close to a lion that has a notorious fame of eating people (as we learn in many exercises) :P


    'This is a lion' would either be 'Dette er en løve' or 'Det her er en løve' (more colloquial). Det only means 'it' or 'that'


    "They are in love"


    i almost write "love", hahaha


    And now we run.


    An important note on this that I feel needs to be heard:

    "Dine løver" are what you keep in your basement den to throw your unwanted guests to. More than one is okay here.

    "Din lover" kisses you goodnight before going to bed. There had better be only one of these.

    Do NOT confuse the two in any way, or you will be having a bad time.


    "Why is everyone so afraid of løve?"


    the audio sounded like "de en løve" to me ):


    In spoken Danish it is really common to not pronounce every individual letter clearly, therefore in spoken Danish "det" will often sound like "deh" or "med" will often sound like "meh", just to give a couple examples


    Sounds like "They are in love" haha


    If we're saying "is IT a lion," wouldn't we use "et" instead of "en"? Or "løven/løvet"? I don't understand Danish neuter nouns at all lol


    The noun "løve" takes "en". "en løve" then is "a lion", while "løven" would be "THE lion." You just have to learn which take "en" and which take "et".


    Although you need to just memorize when to use "en" and when to use "et", a basic rule you can use is "et" is typically used for inanimate things, objects.


    Seriously? I wrote This is a lion and it was a mistake...


    "This is a lion" would be "denne er en løve/det er er en løve", here you can only translate it to "that is" or "it is"


    I type the answer in correctly yet it always came back with typing in English. Had to put crap in yo move on and loose a heart.


    Worked 2nd time around


    I'm glad I know this sentence because I'm sure it'll be useful! ;)


    Why "det" and not "den"?


    If I say this at at full speed (and most other things at full speed) Duolingo says I'm wrong. If I say this one word at a time very carefully, Duolingo says I'm wrong (though with most other things, Duolingo will say I'm right if I say it slowly).

    I am pronouncing 'løve' like 'Lou' in English. Maybe I'm missing a slight nuance.

    Is there a trick to saying this the way Duolingo wants? Do natives always ace pronunciation according to Duolingo? I just destroyed four hearts trying to say this the way Duolingo wants me to.

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