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Idea for more context in sentence discussions

Even though some sentence discussions have 2-3 or more comments it still doesn't mean that a person/s asking a question got their answer.

Actually some discussions unfortunately go unnoticed for weeks.

It would be nice if we could somehow mark those discussions so other community members with better understanding of the language, that are sifting through sentence discussions, can easily see which ones need attention.

I think this would provide faster feedback and there would be less discussions that go unnoticed.

After that it would be great to have sort by unresolved (marked) discussion

Also since there are a lot of sentences and for each sentence there are , if I am not mistaken, two sentence discussions. 1. for a translation from English and 2. for a translation to English. Those discussions could be linked and people could easily find an answer they were looking for. http://duolingo.com/#/comment/436232

May 28, 2013

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I also notice that :( Sometimes people need to answer questions over and over again and always look for previous links which there have been similar discussions, which takes us a lot of time... Like there are moderators for discussions, there should be the ones in charge of answering people questions properly...

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