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  5. "Hij zit ertussen."

"Hij zit ertussen."

Translation:He is in between.

September 2, 2014



How does "Hij zit ertussen" differ from "hij is ertussen"?


Hij is ertussen sounds odd, I would never use that sentence. Where to be is used in English to indicate position, in Dutch other verbs like zitten, staan and liggen are used normally. For existential to be (I am happy. I am a woman. I think therefore I am) zijn is used (Ik ben blij. Ik ben een vrouw. Ik denk dus ik ben).


Excellent explanation. Bedankt!


Can we say he sits in the middle?


no, the middle =/= in between things


is the / in the middle or in between the =?


I would say "he sits between". Is this incorrect grammar?


I believe you should add 'in' Not a native English speaker here btw


I would add "them" to either version.


"He sits between" = "He sits inbetween"


'Inbetween' isn't a word in English. (Yes, I know it's the name of a Brit TV series, but that's an intentional misspelling.) Used as a preposition, it's just 'in between'.


and i didnt know it was in the name of a TV series.


the laidy say's "wij" instead of "hij" .....why? it is not first time i have this situation,
they should do smth about it, an upgrade or smth.


To me the lady says hij, it's not the clearest but in doubt you can use the slow audio.


I clearly understood zij, no doubt, I only checked the slow audio after being told that I was not correct. So doing something about this - if possible - is not the worst idea, I think.


Everyone would like better audio and has been requested a long time ago. However, as you may imagine that is easier said than done. Especially if you consider that i.e. for the French course it took a long time to get better audio, and that course is a lot bigger than this Dutch course.

Saying that, while the audio sometimes might not be the clearest it generally is not too bad and understandable (at least for native speakers).


How would one describe if the man is actually sitting or standing? So like, what's the difference between...

He is in between - Hij zit ertussen

He is sitting in between the girls - ???

He is standing in between the houses - ???


Slechte audio... accent ook! Veel audios zijn niet goed gemaakt


De audio is text-to-speech software, het accent klinkt voor mij als algemeen Nederlands en ook als een erg natuurlijke stem. Dit is zeker niet het geval bij vele andere text-to-speech software op de markt. De stem is niet perfect bij alle zinnen, maar in de meeste gevallen erg goed en natuurlijk. Volgens mij een zeer goede stem voor studenten om te wennen aan Nederlands en te zorgen dat ze menselijke sprekers ook beter gaan verstaan.

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