Word tab

Why do many people have a word tab but I don't? Many people say that it is very practical so I would like to have one for myself.

September 2, 2014


I think that words tab should be optional, so that people who want it can have it and people who don't benefit from having it can choose not to have it.

The Words tab is an experimental feature being tested by Duolingo with A/B testing (one group has it and another doesn't); because of that one of your friends may have it and you may not.

But if you really want the Words tab, I suggest you make another account (you'll have to test out of everything though).

Now I have the word tab, thanks for giving it to me

I like the idea for the words tab being optional as I believe I would benefit from this. Studying Chinese characters as well as pinyin and the English definitions of them would be easier with an accessible list.

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