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  5. "The door was opened."

"The door was opened."

Translation:De deur werd geopend.

September 2, 2014



Why is 'de deur was geopend' not right here?


'De deur was geopend' is de past perfect form of the passive. So that would translate to 'the door had been opened'.


I think 'the door had been opened' would translate to: 'de deur is geopend geweest'.


No, I'm sorry but that is not correct. 'To be' and 'zijn' are used differently and that can be a bit confusing.

In English you use a form of 'to be' + past participle to form the passive. So the simple past is 'was opened' and the past perfect is 'had been opened.'

In Dutch you use 'worden' + past participle for the simple present and simple past, but you use 'zijn' + past participle for the perfect forms. So the simple past is 'werd geopend' and the past perfect is 'was geopend

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