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"Drengen er vagten og pigen er kaptajnen."

Translation:The boy is the guard and the girl is the captain.

September 2, 2014



Can´t "the boy is the guard and the girl the captain" be considered correct?


I wrote "lookout" for vagten. Should this also be accepted?


Until a native Danish speaker answers your question authoritatively - according to globsbe.com

  • "lookout" means "udkig" and "udkigspost" for the "vantage point with the view of the surrounding area". "Udkigsmand" is the "person on watch for approaching enemy, police, etc"

  • "watch" means "vagt", a person or group of people who guard. And "vagt" translates to "watch" and "guard".


Is there a specific reason why the As in "kaptajnen" pronounced differently than in other Danish words, for example in "mand"? I would have expected the pronunciation of the As to be closer to the ones in the English word "captain".


It's because of the 'j', I'm pretty sure, just as in maj, haj, kaj, etc.


Yes the J after a voyel is pronounced like a Y The G is before Jelling (dansk city) is pronounced Yelling And as you already know goddag is pronounced godday


My nickname is pronounced Dee-ja


I understand that in the example given there is a specified captain and a specified guard, but could otherwise the sentence "Drengen er vagt og pigen er kaptajn" possible?


Again, professions so why the "the"?

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