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"Elle est aussi rouge qu'une tomate."

Translation:She is as red as a tomato.

September 2, 2014



"She is red as a tomato?" will work?


Why can't one say, "Elle est rouge comme une tomate," ?


Revisiting this. Why is the aussi necessary? Is that part of the subjunctive?


Aussi is used to indicate equality, pretty much like "as much as". Examples: J'ai aussi faim que toi = I'm as much hungry as you. Nous avous tous aussi faim = We are all as much hungry

It can also be a synonym of également (=one of the possible meaning of "too"), although "aussi" is a bit more usual in everyday situation. Example : Toi aussi? = You too?

There is no subjunctive here, don't think "que" is necessarily linked with subjunctive, it can also mean other things, which I would not be able to explain simply. For our case here, "Aussi ... que" = "As much ... as"

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