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Needed: Read-along Books

From my experience teaching emerging readers in English: it is really useful when someone is trying master reading to have a book that you can read along with while you listen to audio. That way you can master decoding the word on the page while hearing it correctly pronounced.

Considering how challenging I am finding decoding Irish spelling, is there a books on tape type of resource out there where I can hear what is on the page read aloud as I follow along reading the written word? I think it would go a long way in helping me put everything together.

September 2, 2014



I found this:


They are conversations on audio with written dialogue you can read along with.


I stumbled on this part of the site of the Foras na Gaeilge -- Séideán Sí. Here's the link:


I'm just a beginner, so I can't read the introductory paragraph, but the page has a series of "Read-along" files for young children. Look for "Junior Infants" and "Senior Infants", and click on one of the dialects. That's one of the neatest parts of this page: you can hear the same book read in each dialect.

Once you've clicked on the link, you get a list of .swf files. Click on one, and you jump to a virtual book, where each page has a picture and a speaker icon to hear the text read aloud.

Obviously the texts are very simple, but it's perfect for the stage I'm at with the language. It might be worth a look for you.


Perfect! And they're speaking slowly and clearly. That's exactly what I wanted, thanks!


This site has stories (many are famous Irish legends) for school children in an illustrated ebook format with audio and text. Most of these have additional audio and text files, and some of them have easy and advanced versions, as well as a version in English. (On my apple mobile devices I have to download these into an alternate browser to view them. I use Puffin -- free in the App store)

Here is a link to the first story (there are others on the sidebar):



Thank you guys! I was looking for something like this. If I find something else, I'll post it here. :)


Thank you to everyone .. for asking the question and for the links. I gave you all lingots!!!


Thanks a lot for this, things of this sort will be really helpful.

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