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When to use "o seu" or "seu"

I cant grasp the idea of having different forms for saying "his", could someone explain?

September 2, 2014



When the possessive adjective is used (meu, seu and others), the article is always optional. If there are exceptions, they are so few I can't remember.

Duolingo often accepts only one option, but it really should accept both.

September 2, 2014


Well, it also depends a lot on the version of Portuguese you are learning. For instance, in European Portuguese they often use definite article with possessives, while in Brazilian Portuguese it is nearly always omitted.


It's optional, as a brazilian i can say that normally i use more "seu"... "seu carro, seu celular, seu computador" but i could use "o seu carro, o seu celular..." you can supress the article in this case, but whatever it is basically the same thing.


Realmente tem o mesmo significado, mas no cotidiano nós usamos "O SEU" ou "A SUA" para dar uma pequena ênfase no que foi dito. Já que poderíamos falar simplesmente "SEU" ou "SUA".


Does adding the article cause any change in meaning? Is it similar to definite versus indefinite articles?

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