If there are plans for Duolingo to add Chinese/Mandarin in the future, I would like to suggest a collaboration with ShaoLan Hsueh of With her project she is making it easy & fun to learn Chinese characters, just as Duolingo is also serving the language learning community so well with other languages! Cheers, Dale

May 28, 2013


There are no plans to add Chinese or Mandarin. There will be an option to create user content to learn other languages, but no particular date has been announced for that.

Isn't Mandarin a form of Chinese?

It is, along with Cantonese and a few others.

I thought Chinese and Japanese have been in the works for awhile. Are you saying that they have stopped development of these 2 languages?

I don't know if they were in the works at all. They were planned before, yes, but not anymore.

Are we talking adding your own lessons?

Well, if anyone is interested in learning Chinese characters, check out You can also see ShaoLan's TED talk here:

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