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The popup tooltips in Immersion make clicking a sentence really hard work!

I think it might be the fact that sentences are so close together in the article view, but that popup really gets in the way a lot of the time. It tends to pop up right under my mouse, and 'steals' the click when I try and select a sentence. Sometimes I have to click several times, slowly, to see if it's been selected on the right, maybe making slight adjustments so I click juuuust a little bit higher. It makes the whole section feel unresponsive, and checking other people's translations is especially a chore.

Any chance it could be tweaked? I don't know how it's designed, but it seems like moving it down very slightly would help, or at least its focus area.

September 2, 2014



Sounds like a first world problem, sorry


How so? It's a basic user interface issue

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