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Chugainn. Chugaibh. Cthulhu.

I found this lesson in Prepositions to be exceptionally torturous. +_+

In the audio exercises, chugainn, chugat and chugaibh all sounded pretty much the same to me, and different to how I've heard them before.

Is chucu really supposed to sound like "hoo-hoo"? Hoo hoo, like an owl?

And how would you pronounce chugam? Because I've heard it sound pretty different than in this course. :/

Aaaand to end on a positive note, here's a love song... for Irish grammar! Or at least for a girl with a good grip on Irish grammar (lyrics and translation in the description). ;)
But do listen to how he says "chugam", repeated several times near the end:

September 3, 2014



I'd trust that guy. He's quite a famous Irish language presenter, and actually lives in the Gaeltacht now and is constantly using the language.


I don't think Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin is a native speaker, but his pronunciation is perfect. Shows you it can be done.


There's an interview with him here. Is as oirthear Mhaigh Eo é.


There is a lot wrong with DL and I don't think there is anything wrong with pointing out any number of mistakes errors especially if you aren't pressing for immediate change. Learning a new language for me seems to require consistent effort over a long period of time and DL offers that imperfectly but it offers that. So I am all for letting people point out how bad some of the areas of a course are so long as you keep pressing onwards. The first few lessons of most of the trees seem to be really easy a lot of fun. Finding motivation to keep pressing on is often lacking. The pronunciation is crap whichever language you learn here. Some people are generous and forgiving but it's crap. If you wanted to learn pronunciation this is not the place to do it. But reading and writing skills and breaking the back of a new language is possible. As more languages are introduced I find myself getting initial levels on a lot more languages. I really need to knuckle down and focus and stop wasting my time commenting on discussions. Some people say discussing things in english has really helped them but not me so bubye I'll go finish another bubble. It's not hard but always a reason not to do the work. I am at the edge of the gaeltacht. If I break the back of the language here no one is going to try to correct my pronunciation in case I offer to help improve their grammar. I promise myself a holiday in the gaeltacht as a reward but yeah enough of this.

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