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Exercise wont load when clicked

duolingo the exercises dont seem to want to load when you click them, we are running our internet on the cheap linxus version of google chrome called chromium. [unable to send picture of problem unfortunately] please help

May 28, 2013

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I'm having this problem as well. Both on my home computer (firefox browser) and when trying to access the duolingo exercises via Chrome browser on my mobile device (android). I can click on practice skills or a lesson but neither will load. The screen gets a bit darker (as if a window is going to pop up and start the lesson) and then stays that way. I tried restarting my computer and resetting my cookies. Any other suggestions for troubleshooting? Is this a common problem?

Update: I updated, then deactivated and reactivated my adobe flash player. This seemed to fix it on my home computer.

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