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  5. "May I have your autograph?"

"May I have your autograph?"

Translation:Mag ik jouw handtekening?

September 3, 2014



Is "hebben" hier onnodig omdat het duidelijk is dat ik het wil hebben (en niet lenen/gebruiken/kopen/...)?


Yes, when "mogen" is used without another verb, but with a direct object, then "hebben" is usually implied.

If it used without an another verb but with a preposition such as "naar", "in", "op" etc., then the verb "gaan" (to go ) is implied. For example:

  • Ik mag niet naar de bioscoop - I am not allowed to go to the cinema.


Hebben at the end should still not be wrong in my opinion.

[deactivated user]

    Zou het niet "uw" moeten zijn?


    Ja zeker, als men de persoon niet goed kent.


    Is there no special word in Dutch for 'autograph' in contrast to 'signature'?


    I think that "Kan ik je handtekening hebben" may be correct, isn't it? It was not accepted.


    It is a difference between can (being able) and may (having permission, or just the polite way of asking). You can kill someone, but you may not. You may fly in the air, but you cannot.

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