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"Vi løber grund af bjørnen bag os."

Translation:We are running because of the bear behind us.

September 3, 2014



For when you need to explain why you're running when there's a bear behind you.


If they didn't take the bears fish out of the pool it would have left them alone.


Are there any bears in Denmark apart from humans with that name.


Bjorn is a Danish name.


First it took your wheels, now it will take your life.


Since this has come up a time or two when the programme insists on "due to" as a preposition and refuses to accept actual prepositions such as "owing to" or "on account of" (here it did accept "because of"):

"Due to" is not really a preposition; it's an adjective that takes what amounts to a dative complement. I.e. thus: "My being short on cash is due to the larger than usual power bill that I had to pay this month." Here "due" is clearly an adjective modifying the gerund "being".

When you switch the sentence around a bit the adjective loses its raison d'etre:

"I am short of cash owing to (or "on account of" or "because of", but not "due to") the larger than usual power bill". Here you need an actual preposition.


there are so many bears in denmark apparently


Will you ever hear this sentence spoken so calmly in real life?


It's implied but the bear is "brun", as everything in duolingo except the pink jacket and the green pants


One of the few reasons to justify exercise.


also in present tense: we run...

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