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  5. "On the suit."

"On the suit."

Translation:Ar an gculaith.

September 3, 2014



Why can it be 'ar an gculaith' and also 'ar an chulaith'?


ar an chulaith is a dialectal thing (Ulster), but is accepted in the Caighdeán because it's so commonly used there.


Where I get confused is that an chulaith is lenited because it's feminine, but ar an gculaith has to be eclipsed. Is there a "rule" about which one takes precedence?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, in the Official Standard there are rules about it. They are listed under the eclipses and lenition units here. One rule is with certain prepositions + the definite article, an eclipsis is required, regardless of the noun gender. In which case, you don't lenite. The prepositions that do this should be listed in the eclipses unit notes), but here are few examples:

    Leis an gcailín - with the girl

    Ar an gcapall - on the horse

    Ag an mbean - at the woman

    Ón bhfear - from the man (remember that ón is ó + an)


    It wasn't clear to me in the eclipsis notes if they would take precedence or not when overlapping with lenition cases. I had not consciously realized "conflicts" could happen, and this exercise here made me see it had happened in a few cases on duolingo already.

    Thank you for the clarification!

    [deactivated user]

      Perhaps they overlooked that. There's a lot to take in with eclipses, I know. But yeah, with any of the incidences listed there in the notes of when to use the ellipsis, the eclipsis will take precedence and you will not use lenition.


      Why is ''culaith'' not suited here (no pun intended)


      It requires eclipsis, as it comes after a preposition and definite article, so gculaith. Chulaith would be also accepted, but that's because it is used in Ulster dialect.


      Is "on the suit" an expression or is something simply on the suit?


      It’s not an idiom — it’s just “on the suit”.


      How is one to know which noun requires lenition and which requires eclipses regardless of gender? Is there a comprehensive list one could memorize? If not, how is the learner to ever know which is which?

      [deactivated user]

        preposition + an causes eclipsis for all nouns that start with b, c, f, g or p regardless of gender.


        There are no notes for those using an android phone to learn. It's extremely frustrating, especially since I pay for the course.

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